A.L Mason from Richmond

“I contacted Duwayne to remove several large trees at a home recently purchased.  He was readily responsive with a good quote, informative, and friendly.  He and his crew did a great job and, despite the job taking a little longer than expected, they were friendly and thorough and left the site in great condition along with a good load of usable firewood and mulch. I will call them again. Thank you!”

Anonymous from Richmond

“I found Southern Exposure to be really easy to work with. The owner showed up as promised to give an estimate, and his crew was here promptly at 9 AM on the day the work was scheduled to be performed. The crew was very professional, and extremely polite. And they did exactly what was promised in the estimate. In all, they were here just over 5 hours, cut down and removed 4 trees, and cleaned up behind themselves before they left. I highly recommend them and if I have any other trees that need to be worked on, I’ll call Southern Exposure first.”

Mike from Richmond

“Southern Exposure took down 11 trees (some that were close to our house), ground the stumps and did a significant amount of trimming over our driveway and near the house for a reasonable price. The team arrived on time and worked hard and efficiently (even in the rain) until the job was completed. My wife and I were happy with the results and we intend to call them again.”

Steve from Richmond

“Southern Exposure was very reasonable in their price! They removed three oaks and ground a stump in a timely manner without incident. They were prompt, friendly, and meticulous in their clean-up. Duane and the crew took extra steps to promote safety and care in placement in fallen branches. WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND!”

Diane from Chester

“Southern Exposure has removed 9 large oak trees from my yard and I’ll hire them to remove more! I had 2 very large oak trees (probably 150 yrs. or older) causing damage to my home’s foundation due to roots and they quickly removed them without damage to my home despite their proximity to my house. I then found I had 5 other unhealthy oak trees that needed to be removed and I called them again. One of these trees was so rotted they were unable to climb and despite it’s proximity to electrical lines, they were able to remove it without incident (as well as the others). They do an excellent job downing the trees as well as removing the mess this causes. I have 2 more oaks I’d like to remove and will be calling them some time this year. Great work at an extremely competitive price – what more could you ask for?”

Terry from Chester

“Southern Exposure removed seven pine trees from my front, side and back yards. Some, very close to the house. They exercised extreme care and caution, ensuring no limbs or other parts of the trees endangered the structure. I want to add that their staff was very polite, courteous and professional. Apparently, I was not alone. My neighbors hired them as well. I believe they did a total of four neighbors’ trees when it was all said and done. I found the price estimate I was given to be quite reasonable. Most importantly, they are insured and bring with them an ample supply of heavy equipment and tools to properly take the trees down and remove them to include the stumps. As I said, a job well done. Thank you.”

Ruth from Chester

“I had a very diseased red oak tree leaning toward the end of my house, and due to limited access, it had to be climbed. Mr. Clark and his crew took the tree down in a very professional manner with no damage to the surrounding area, leaving the area very clean, and in addition to that, they came up with the best price. I highly recommend them.”